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Why Us

We cater to two types of people: friends who become clients and clients who become friends. Beyond that, our clients are first time buyers and sellers, seasoned real estate investors, lifelong Pacific Northwesterners, transplants and new arrivals. We welcome everyone in the Black & Brown, LBGTQ and TBD communities – we like the way you look and welcome who you love, so long as you love working with us.

Gretta & Courtney

Broker Team l The People People 

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Gretta’s Story

I've always been a people person, my first people being the citizens of Ballard, where I was raised in a Tudor gingerbread house. I spent 20+ years working as a professional assistant and estate manager, helping wealthy families manage, buy, and sell their properties. I enjoyed playing with real estate, remodels, and re-imaginings throughout these years and have worked exclusively as a licensed Broker since 2014. House restoration is a passion of mine. My mother was an interior decorator, so I guess it's in the genes- that's why I always see what a home was, is, and could be when I step inside.

Uncompromisingly amazing food is also a passion of mine. The abundance of locally sourced foods make the Pacific Northwest one of the best places to live on Earth. When I want to indulge, and I do often, there are so many great places to go. Want to know my favorites? I'll tell you when we talk. Better yet, we'll meet you there!

Courtney's Story

I don't keep secrets. The truth will come out anyway, so you might as well hear it straight from me. The rumors are true, I am a transplant. Prior to this wonderful life I have lived in Seattle and Tacoma, I grew up on the East Coast in New Jersey. I have operated a product manufacturing business: developed new products, and managed domestic and international sales.

You will also be shocked and amazed to learn I like sports.  I am competitive by nature, I love field hockey and basketball; where you only see one set of footsteps...that is where I left my opponents in the dust.  How does this affect you? Well, real estate is a competitive business. Someone's got to be nimble, quick and always ready to go the extra mile - that's me.

Stephanie Looney
Broker l The People People 

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Stephanie's Story

Buying or selling a home can be a wild ride, so an F-word here and there isn’t surprising. But why be “Frustrated” when you can have “Fun” and feel “Fabulous”? That’s my mission in both life and career – to make the process flow like a breezy summer wind. Real Estate is as much a part of my DNA as my smile and the twinkle in my eyes, it’s the Family business. By the age of 14, I was collecting rents and sprucing up rental units to welcome new tenants.


Having grown up in some of Seattle’s iconic neighborhoods like Madison Park, Capitol Hill and the CD (aka the Central District) these streets are part of my heart and soul. No one knows better how to get from Sodo to Edmonds and where to pick up the best coffee on the way (Vivace!). My love and pride for this city as a true Seattle native is what makes me unapologetically humblebrag about being the Expert with a capital “E”.


With 20+ years of managing properties, the time arrived for my next big thing. The stars aligned when Gretta, a lifelong friend, encouraged me to become one of The People People. I fulfilled a promise to my late father and got my license. Today, you’ll find me hosting open houses and exploring listings around the city. In the market? I’ll buy the coffee, you share your story, and we’ll find the best path forward!

    Together, We’re
"The People People"

the head and the heart of real estate

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