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Buying or Selling a Home?

Meet the People People

Buying or Selling a Home?

Meet The People People

Buying or Selling a Home?

Meet The People People

The People People have a refreshingly personable approach to buying and selling real estate in Seattle, Tacoma and beyond. Compass Real Estate Brokers Gretta Graves Caillouet and Courtney Caillouet are two thirds of the People People; we’ve been looking for people like you to round out our trio - or quartet… 


The People People cater to two types of people: friends who become clients and clients who become friends. Beyond that, our clients are first time buyers and sellers, seasoned real estate investors, lifelong Pacific Northwesterners, transplants and new arrivals. We welcome everyone in the Black & Brown, LBGTQ and TBD communities – we like the way you look and welcome who you love, so long as you love working with us. Are you one of our people? We hope so!

Buy a Home With The People People


Everything you’ve heard about the Seattle real estate market is probably true – it just doesn’t need to be true for you. With mild weather and a booming economy, Seattle will always be a hot real estate market; but the heat doesn’t have to give you a headache. While it’s easy to get frustrated, it’s even easier to relax and enjoy the journey. 


Look down – this is where you stand right now.

Look ahead – out there is the home of your dreams.

Look beside you – we’ll be with you every step of the way.


Finding your next home with the People People is easy. We’ve got a pulse on hot properties and plum neighborhoods from Edmonds to Olympia. Once we know more about your story – your timing, needs, hopes, dreams and budget, we can set an action plan into place. 


Step One: People People Get Ready


When you work with us, you are never alone; but if you need “a loan”, one of the first things we’ll do is ensure you have financing. If you already have financing lined up, great. If not, we can make introductions to trusted lenders who can help you get pre-approved. We’ll also discuss the budget range for your home purchase, repairs and upgrades, maintenance and an estimated time before resale. 


Step Two:  Thinning the Herd


In Seattle, inventory is tight and new homes are coming on the market every day. Elsewhere, the market is sometimes flooded with listings. Some are undiscovered gems with surprisingly good commutes to hot areas like South Lake Union, Downtown or Bellevue; others may be money pits to avoid. We can help narrow and focus the list to spotlight properties that best suit the life you want to live.


Step Three: Reeling it In


When you find “the one” – or a few potential ones, this is where the People People divide and conquer. Gretta is the negotiator. Courtney is the hand holder. Gretta sees the full potential of a property from how you will use it, to restoration, to resale. Courtney sees if you’re in love with it, simply happy, kinda nervous, just settling, or ready to run. Both of us will keep you calm, laughing and enjoying every step until we can call the house your home. 


Step Four: Sealing the Deal


Once the offer is accepted, we’ll prepare all the paperwork while you exercise your signing fingers. Closing with the People People is simple and easy; we can do it here at Compass or in the comfort of your own home – day or evening.


Complex purchases? No big deal.


If you need to sell your current home at the same time, we can manage both transactions with all the synchronicity of the best pairs figure skaters, ballroom dancers or spandex-clad superheroes. Once you see us in action, you can come up with a new People People metaphor to call your own. (Actually, we promise NOT to wear spandex)

Sell a Home With The People People

Sell a Home With The People People

Sell a Home With The People People


If you’re a person with a property to sell, the People People are the people to help you do it right, do it with ease, and realize the best return on your investment. The main reason clients have fun working with us is because they know we have all the details covered, all they need to do is relax and enjoy the experience. The other reason being, we’re fun to be with (of course).


The temperatures will rise and fall, but throughout it all, Seattle will remain a hot real estate market for years to come. Whether you’re in the Bubble (Seattle, Bellevue and surrounding areas) or Bubble Adjacent (everywhere else in the Pacific Northwest), the People People are here to help you…


  • Determine your home’s value

  • Prepare your home for sale

  • Properly market your home

  • Review offers, select a buyer and negotiate the sale

  • Seal the deal with a picture perfect closing


What is Your Home Worth?


Real estate agents love to use this as a marketing tool, as if there’s some glittering castle that we alone have access to in order to find this magic number. While cloaked mysterious figures and algorithms probably create your credit score, the path to determine your home’s value isn’t set in stone. When the People People sell your home, this path begins with you.


“Comps” – comparable figures about homes of similar size and style that recently sold in your neighborhood – will give us some insight into what your home might be worth, your insights are the invaluable ingredient to help us assess your home’s true value.


What makes your home special? How is the view? What’s the noise level outside? How tight-knit is the neighborhood? Is the neighborhood safe? What schools are nearby? Is it a good place to raise pets or farm animals? What’s your commute like? How close it is to restaurants, shopping, public transportation, or parks? What improvements have you made since you bought it?


We could go on and on – and we do – when we talk to you. If a real estate agent determines your home’s value without talking to you, you should be talking to us.


Exclusive to our clients, Compass Concierge helps you sell your home faster and for more money by covering the cost of services to prepare your home for market.  From staging to home improvements and more, with no hidden fees or interest charged, ever.


Makeovers and Marketing


The best way to avoid surprises during negotiation is to prevent them. We recommend you pre-inspect your home to ensure anything the buyer’s home inspector finds is already addressed – and resolved if possible. Sometimes, a small investment up front can have an immediate return in terms of asking price and negotiated sale.


Once the house is clean, clear, and ready for takeoff, we will recommend the best stagers we can find to ensure the photographs make it feel as if the buyer is already touring the home. Most buyers will fully inspect your property online before they visit your home in person.


Every home The People People sells gets a marketing plan custom fit to meet the timing, needs and budget of the seller. We make routine sales sail by and have overcome impossible odds when buyers have tight deadlines or unusual circumstances.


Need to coordinate your home’s sale with the next home you buy? No problem? Moving out of state? We can manage that too by introducing you to a trusted real estate agent in the new city, or working with the one you already selected.


Offers and Negotiation


The highest offer isn’t always the best offer. The best offer is one that will close successfully. We’ve seen it all and know what to look for when the offers flow in.


In some cases, our clients have selected buyers with the best stories over buyers with the deepest pockets. While you alone will choose who buys your home, we can counsel you to ensure the process is fully compliant and non-discriminatory.


Sealing the Deal


Even in the digital age, you still need a small forest of paper to close a real estate transaction. Your job is to flex those fingers and sign; our job is to ensure every single detail is in order. The People People and our transactions team at Compass coordinate every item on the list so you can sign quickly – usually in the comfort of your own home, even from your smart phone.

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